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Staria's INFlow SuiteApp automates the posting of incoming electronic bills, that are sent by e-invoicing operator/scanning services (pdf or paper bills), directly to NetSuite. INFlow has an in-built Bill-to-PO or Bill-to-Item Receipt matching mechanism and automated new vendor record creation. Automated AP accrual posting is also included.

INFlow offers flexible and easily configurable approval flows for different types of bills: bill/bill credit, stand-alone/linked, stock/non-stock items, bill matching to item receipt or not, bill’s amount inside/outside approval limits, etc. 

INFlow Portal is a user-friendly and low-cost interface for handling bills.

Supported Process Areas

INFlow covers the vendor bill part of the NetSuite Procure to Pay process:

  • Vendor bill and/or vendor credit conversion from e-document to NetSuite

  • Vendor bill matching to purchase order or item receipt

  • Purchase order, vendor bill, and vendor credit approval flow




E-document to bill conversion

Enables parsing of the incoming purchasing document XML files and convert them into Vendor Bills in NetSuite. Note: The conversion of Vendor Bill credits are not supported.

INFlow bill validation

The PO to Bill or Item Receipt to Bill matching will validate the item rate and quantity differences against the defined tolerance limits by vendor or item. The bill will always be created from the E-document, either in Pending Approval status or Approved status. It will have the Approved status of there are no discrepancies or if they are within the defined tolerance limits.

INFlow Approval Matrix

Approvers are defined in the INFlow approval matrix. The approval hierarchy can be configured using various conditions.

INFlow Portal

This gives the user the ability to review, approve or reject a purchase transaction even without the full access role.

INFlow Monitor

A monitoring tool for incoming purchasing e-documents. This will help the user see the status of the documents and see any error details for failed conversions.

Process Chart

Approval Scenarios



  • Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud:

    • Custom Records

    • Client SuiteScript

    • Server SuiteScript

    • SuiteFlow

    • Token-Based Authentication

  • Setup > Company > Enable Features > Partners:

    • Partner Relationship Management

  • Setup > Company > Enable Features > Access

    • Partner Access or Advanced Partner Access

The SuiteApp only support NetSuite OneWorld accounts.


Before installing the shared bundle to the client make sure that the pre-required bundles are installed.

Bundle Name

Bundle ID


NetSuite SuiteApps License Client



NetSuite Electronic Invoicing


Bundle is free for one country if vendors sending bills will be located in a single country only (usually never the case).

  • For free use, you must select a country in the "E-Document Country for Free Use" field on the Company Information page, under Setup > Company. Ensure that the country you indicated is the same country where you will send e-documents to, and the same default billing country of the vendors you will be receiving e-documents from.

  • For paid license (if vendors are located in more than one country), provide the details to Staria’s salesperson so they can coordinate about the estimate for the customer from NetSuite (Account Manager). NetSuite then should enable e-invoicing for multiple countries in the respective customer's account

NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments


In order to create Entity Bank Details

It is recommended to update your NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments SuiteApp to the latest version.